AKIO is a company that specializes in IT infrastructure advice and support and in construction project management.

AKIO will assign a multidisciplinary project manager to monitor the development of your project and to advise you on the ideal technology to be implemented.

We provide customized service with innovative solutions to your problems.
We are active throughout Belgium, in French, Dutch and English, as well as in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Infrastructure informatique

Your company needs IT and we stand ready to advise when you move, on changes to the existing situation or to solve problems. Whether for the type of Internet access, LAN (copper or fibre wiring or WiFi) in your building, or for telephony, we can study your case and propose the best solution to be implemented.

The size of your company, the type of building(s) or lease, the number or type of staff, development over time, etc. make it unique. The specific features of the infrastructure must therefore de taken fully into account.  
Suppose you are in an industrial estate, have freelancers who charge by the hour, or you may need a guarantee on the availability of your power grid or ethernet, etc… Solutions exist and AKIO can help choose the right ones.


Data Center

This term must be understood in the broad sense: The solution has to be studied correctly, whether you need one rack or 10 or 100.
You will need cooling, a false ceiling, partition, UPS, management and security systems, and maintenance contracts for all this hardware.  Rely on a professional! AKIO is there to design your data centre room and provide advice and support on setting it up so that nothing is left to hazard.
A correctly-sized room with appropriate equipment can save you a great deal of money – whether through the type of cooling used, the availability time of your machines or the internal passive consumption of your room (PDU, UPS, etc.).


Gestion de projets

The key to success for a project and sticking to the initial schedule is communication by and between all participants, whether decision-makers or technicians. A person independent from the architect or the contractor at the worksite can save you time and money and improve quality.

AKIO has experience in this field and is dedicated to getting the job done well. We can monitor a project from A to Z and can be on hand at the launch as well as during the weekly meeting with the architect(s) and the client(s). We can check deliveries so that the technicians do not find themselves at the worksite without materials.
AKIO can provide you with an experienced project management engineer who will create more technical and monitoring added value.